ATVs Court Qualified Expert Witness Services: Bill Uhl

Court-Qualified Expert Witness:

Recreational Trail Design Accidents

Recreational Trail Design Accidents Expert Witness

Do you need an expert witness regarding any of the following?

  • Personal injury or wrongful death associated with an Recreational Trail Design accident
  • Wrongful death or personal injury related to recreational trail design, construction or maintenance that contributed to an accident or injury.
  • Standard of care associated with an injury or death when a defendant or plaintiff operates an off-road vehicle on a trail.
  • Human factors
  • Standard of care related to lack of or inadequate safety training for operating on trails.
  • Standard of care associated with the design, construction, and maintenance of public or private trail open to the public.
  1. Why safety training is essential for individuals operating OHVs on recreational trails.
  2. Since plaintiffs, defendants and passengers “don’t know what they don’t know,” skill development is essential to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries on trails.
  3. Lack of training or care for the safety of passengers who ride with operators of OHVs on trails.
  • Standard of care regarding improper or lack of OHV vehicle maintenance. How this ensures or fails to ensure safety.
  • Standard of care associated with an injury or death when an individual rents or operates an OHV provided by a rental company or a guided tour business